Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Common ground- smooth blend

If you know me, you know I love coffee. I drink coffee just about every day. Hot or cold, 100 degrees outside or 20; I'm drinking the stuff. Steaming hot, on ice or frozen... Starbucks or Yuban...it's all good to me. Bold roasts. Freshly ground. Just the smell gets my heart stirring and my muscles relaxing. And although it has caffeine, I can drink a cup just before I go to bed and be just fine. It's like my body and coffee have this mutual agreement to get along nicely.

Drinking coffee is honestly about the only repetitive thing I do from day to day. Seriously. I don't even wash my hair every day. (don't say eww...if you had my hair, you'd do it too..lol) Why is it that without a job right now, I have all this "free time" and yet I don't make time to do anything "good for me" consistantly? I mean, I do have two children and a very demanding family that I live with...but I don't run or exercise every day. I don't read my Bible every day. I don't talk to friends every day. (I do interact with my extended family of 5, plus MY family everday) Are some people just wired to desire routine? Why don't I? Should I train myself to want/need routine? I kind of like the way I am, but it makes me feel ineffective compared to those "strict routine keepers" of the world. Yet, I am less stressed out than others. Maybe it's the coffee. I'll stop babbling now and go refill my cup.


JenniD said...

haha nice last sentence...I'm one of the routine freaks...I like knowing what I'm doing and I don't like for things to be thrown off because my schedule is usually pretty packed. I don't think it's wrong at all to not want routine but I do think routine has a rightful place in everyone's lives no matter how much or how little.
Love you mary!

Taylor said...

I'm CRAVING routine!!! This summer, I have had virtually NO responsibility and have loved it, but I'm really desiring some routine right about now. For me, without it my house is messier, my sleep patterns are more irregular and I feel exhausted, and getting back to the routine of life will force me to "press on" despite the grief. Although I can' say that I'm looking forward to waking up at 5:30 instead of 10:30! ha! But anyone who adds running to their daily routine is nuts. I hate running! :)

I have cut caffiene out of my diet... but I could really go for a peppermint chocolate mocha! It's my favorite drink as we look at Christmas lights! :) I got it once last year after cutting the caffiene... I thought I was going to pass out right in front of my students! It was weird.

Okay... so my comment has been a bit random! Despite that, please know that I'm still praying for you!