Monday, October 20, 2008

Love me when I am broken

So...we've left Baylor (our recent church home) and visited another church yesterday. Being a visitor is always so awkward. Anyway, since we haven't been going to Baylor lately, some of our "friends" (in quotations bc we haven't known them very long and are really acquaintances in have called or dropped by asking why we haven't come back, where we've been. And as I take a big breath, and tell them that they will probably never see Daniel and I the same way again...I tell them our story. Daniel's betrayal and lies, his redemption and victory and our story of how God wants to use us in some way; but how some people tend to judge and act out of fear and ignorance.

And then I wait for the response...

...and I have never had to wait more than 2 seconds before the wife (or husband if he's there) says; "Us too." And then they tell us their story of failure and hurt. Or how they are still in the midst and it all looks bleak. And how they thought they were the only ones. And their righteous anger of how we've been treated seems to sadly justify their fears of why they'd been keeping this secret. What do we do with this?

Fall Down by Jennifer Knapp
Judge Me Not Ye Saints
For My History May Be Tainted
But I'm Sober Enough To Know Blood When I See It
I've Borne My Share Of Stones
Most Of Them Easily Thrown
But Who's To Deny
Your Water-Shed Side
Leading Me Home?

What Am I Supposed To Do About It Now?
Past Regrets And Long Laments, They Find Me Somehow
O, What Am I Supposed To Do About It Now?
What Have I To Do But Fall Down?

To Spy From Far Away
May Seem That I'm One To Betray
But O, How I Try
The Spirit To Guide
The Promise You Made


Hold Me Up
Never Let Me Go
Love Me When I Am Broken
And Speak To Me

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karenstacy said...

I do not understand why it isn't ok for church people to mess up or to sin or to hurt.
I just don't get it either.
I pray for you and for others to know that the only reason we need a savior is because we are wretched sinners, failures in need of grace. All Christians are sinners forgiven by a gracious God by His sons death.
Why some how that is forgotten I do not know.