Friday, November 7, 2008

The wierdest questions

I think Jesus asked the weirdest questions sometimes. Like when the woman with the blood disease touched the edge of His robe and she was healed...He asked who had touched Him. He's all-knowing, right?! Why'd He ask? Didn't He know who touched Him? And then many times Jesus asked people what they wanted from Him (the blind men, the mother of Zebedees's sons, etc.) Didn't He know what they wanted?!

I believe He did know all these things. So why did He ask? Jesus was really good at asking the right questions. He had reasons for why He asked certain and specific questions. I think it's a really good thing to question. And yet it seems in Christianity today, it's sacrilegious to question things. I even heard on a children's "Christian" cartoon Chaz was watching today say that we should "have faith and never doubt." What?! Really?! What kind of a faith is it, if it can't withstand questions? How strong can it be if you can't take it apart, check out the details and put it back together?

I'm asking a LOT of questions lately. I'm not getting a lot of answers. Like I said in very early post, I wonder if our questions to God are like asking if yellow is square. So maybe I'm asking the wrong questions. Like Dr. Holloway has said, it's not "why does God allow evil in the world?" but rather, "What is our God doing about evil in the world?" I need to re-think my questions. Maybe I've been getting answers the whole time, but they are answers to questions I SHOULD be asking. Does that make sense?

P.S.- We've lived here almost 6 months now. That is not at all what we'd planned. But then there's James 4:13-16 that we've learned and lived for quite awhile now.

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