Monday, February 2, 2009

God doesn't have to move

So, we're going to start packing up our things again. There's not a whole lot to pack since much of it is in storage right now, but we have to go through toys, books, cds, movies, etc and separate any of our stuff that may have gotten thrown together! This is going to be a very costly move too, so we're trying to figure that out too, but I know that God has taken care of us and met all our needs so far, so why would He stop now?

I am so incredibly sad about moving so far away. Don't get me wrong, I am SO STINKIN excited to do youth ministry again! To have a home, a church family and a community to minister to and be ministered to. But, I'm still so sad. We told God we'd go anywhere, and we'd even considered Maine and Washington....whole different states thousands of miles away. But now I have to put action to my words. Big Lake is still in this state, but Texas is freakin big state! We'll be six hours away from our parents and friends, and even further away from some of our friends and siblings. Daniel's family will be EVEN farther away now. I want our children to know their families. I know there will be people who love our children like family (we already have several friends like this!!!) But I want them to know the amazing people who've been HUGE parts of our lives and made us who we are; individually and as a family. I know it's managable if all parties want that too, but it's just going to be harder than I'd planned.

In those moments when I just begin to cry in anticipating moving, I keep quoting to myself; "I will never leave you, nor forsake you" over and over. God who loved me and took care of me in Ennis, is going to love me and take care of me in Big Lake. And yesterday during the worship service, God gave me a thought that brought me even more comfort. We were singing about how our God is not a god of man-made hands, and that He's been on His throne even before time began. And it occured to me, (though it's not a new thought) that God doesn't have to move with me from Ennis to Big Lake. He's already been working there in Big Lake! I can go anywhere in the world, and my God is always with me because He's already at wherever I'm going! (I know this is an elementary thought, but I needed to remember that!)

ps-also exciting news: We've read and pray about how to prepare our children to fight for their purity (including sexually). And the other day, Chaz was watching Cubo, which is a children's tv network that actually has moral shows; and a commercial for something came on and it had some women in swimsuits in it. Well, Chaz yelled as he turned his head away, "Ugh, I don't want to look at that, turn the channel!!!" All of this because he'd heard his daddy tell him this the other day when that commercial had come on and Daniel looked away and turned the channel. I'm so proud of my boy!!!!!! Even at three, he can begin to fight and not allow "even a hint" into his life!


karenstacy said...

Keep your head up. No matter how hard it gets.

Party of Five said...

I know it's tough, and maybe you're not the same kind of person I am, but the first time we moved away as a "family" it was SO ROUGH, but SO LIBERATING! I can't imagine us now without having really established who we are as a unit and where that puts us at in regards to our extended family. The great thing about e-mail is we're all only a click away ;)

Sarah said...

OMG...That is SUPER exciting about Chaz saying that. I can't wait to see that kind of stuff happen with Colin. I LONG for sexually purity in Colin. I talk about it at work with my friends and they think I'm crazy cause they think "it's just how boys are going to be." But I don't care. I know it's possible, know it's what God intends, and know that this will happen with your family and mine. Thanks for sharing that!

Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Sarah said...

thursday is the first meeting for small group. i'm excited. and yes you are right about being ministered to. I'm starting to feel myself get close to that bitter feeling because I'm pouring out but not being filled back up again. that's not anyone's fault but my own though. and i'm hoping this small group will help. \

the mission trip will be march 14-18 i believe. see you sunday!

JenniD said...

Haha, so basically I love you and you make me laugh a lot! This weekend WAS fun, and I wish we did more together! We make a good team :-). It's like we have done it before or something ;)