Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Finding home" or "The Norton's are Moving Again" - Part 2

Almost a year ago, I posted a note on Facebook that we were going to move to Ennis and begin our search for "home." I had no idea where this adventure would take us, or how varied my emotions would be over the next almost 11 months.

And apparently, home is Big Lake, Texas. I had never in my life heard of such said place, but it turns out I knew plenty of people who had! I have a cousin who lives here. Wierd, huh? Most of the coaches in Ennis used to live here in Big Lake.

We have only lived here two weeks and I love it. Oh, believe me, that first Sunday afternoon when my family left; I cried. I cried, Daniel cried...we stop for awhile and start again. We asked a lot: Are we doing the right thing??? Is 6 -9 hours away from our family and friends really the "best" that God has in mind for us?? And though I miss everyone SO much; and no one will ever be replaced...I love it. Can I say it again?? I love it here. Those of you who know me best, know that I'm a little guarded when it comes to starting new friendships. I have trust issues that I'm still working through from all kinds of hurt from all kinds of relationships. But these people here are hard to keep at bay. Their honesty, and sincere concern for my family have just eaten away at the grief of moving. People from church and neighbors around us are constantly stopping by (even two weeks later, mind you) to drop off food/snacks, help clean up, take our kids to the park; take us out to eat, and just to hang out. Some of our neighbors go to other churches or no church at all, and they still love our kids and want to help and get to know us. Maybe all small towns are like this...but I LOVE it!! Chaz has made so many friends, it's crazy! Now, Chaz doesn't know how to do anything BUT make friends with people he meets, but still! Hannah, my sweet, shy but loud little girl used to be so scared of anyone that wasn't me or Daniel...but now, we go out to eat and she's waving at the other people there...she "flirts" with one of our youth guys that hangs out with us often. I'm finding a good balance of working out for 30 min- 1 hour everyday; keeping the house mildly clean, doing ministry and spending time seperately and together as a family. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE that live at 804 Maryland, Big Lake, Tx. 76932???? Oh yeah, it's US!!!!!! The people who accept the best God has for them...the people who don't have it all together, or have it figured it out yet...but love the beautifulness of the chaos God creates when He moves.

There's so much more to much love and longing for my friends and family who could never be much to say about ministry much to say about a God who doesn't behave the way I want and yet keeps His amazing of which is "a better, more satisfying life than you've ever dreamed of."

John 10:10 is not about a house, or kitchen appliances, or make-up, or (gasp!) Starbucks or the money to get such's about 2 kids with 2 kids in Big Lake, Texas.


Taylor said...

This post brings a tear to my eye because I can sense and feel the weight lifted off of your shoulders that seemed to be so evident in your previous posts. How refreshing. Thank you for sharing your life in the blog world so that I can keep up with all that is going on with the Norton's!

Sarah said... have no idea how much i have missed you bad. did you get my text the other day? So I typed in your address on google maps where they do a street view. And your house is so cute! And I totally think it is a God thing that your name is in your street name! haha. I can't wait to see you next weekend too. I agree with Taylor...I nearly cried too. I am SO happy for you. It was bittersweet when you said that you loved it there. I want you to love it...I just wish we were closer. I don't like not being involved in the things you love. BUT...I am REALLY REALLY glad that you love it. That makes me happy when you are happy. Love ya!

Party of Five said...

I'm so thrilled for you guys. You deserve it.