Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two years!

two years ago...late into the night...I had the worst conversation of my entire life. I had just returned home from my great-grandmother's funeral...which was extra hard bc I'm pretty sure she wasn't a Christian...and Daniel confessed that he'd looked at pornography while I'd been gone. this was the millionth time I'd heard those words. And "sorry" just wasn't enough anymore.

In the early morning, before the sun even came up...Daniel, baby Chaz and I went to I-hop...where Chaz obliviously ate pancakes as we decided that he and I would go to Ennis and live with my parents for awhile while Daniel took time to decide if he was really going to get this sin out of his life or not.

Two years later...

we are going on a date tonight to celebrate us! What once seemed impossible to him, is not only possible...but a way of life now. A life of purity. A life of trust. A life of faithfulness. A life able to be used more effectively.

Daniel has VERY "strict" boundaries in place. We don't watch certain tv shows that most people view as harmless. We definitely don't see movies that most people allow into their memories. Daniel avoids certain places in department stores. His eyes bounce from magazines, Target summer commercials, and avoids any situations where girls may be dressed inappropriately; such as certain times of sporting events. Daniel seems to take extremes. Maybe you're thinking:"My husband can go to a football game and have the cheerleaders not bother his purity at all." Really??? their bouncing breasts and bare stomachs...those images just float right out of their head with no effect??? Is your husband MALE?!?!???

so what if it takes extremes for Daniel's purity...I think we have an extreme marriage because of it.
Call me snobby or judgemental, I don't care...I DO think we have a better marriage than most people out there. I am so grateful for the changes, trust, and honesty we have in our relationship. It's hard. It was hard for Daniel..it took a lot of work and change. It's hard now...we're different than most couples.

And I love it. And I love Daniel. Here's to two years!!!!


karenstacy said...

I am so Happy for you guys!!!
I can only hope that we will end up where you are.
I am so glad that Daniel does what it takes to be the man that he can be. Even if it seems way out there to the rest of us."if your eye causes you to sin cut it out" seems a bit extreme too but not in the light of the life that you can have.
again Smiling for you
i know it took alot of hard work and tough lines drawn
heres to you

Party of Five said...

YAY for a date!
YAY for 2 years of trust!
YAY for an uncommon marriage!


Sarah said...

Hey woman! That is awesome! and it definitely is a reason to celebrate. I understand the whole other people thinking it is unrealistic or strange. I just put a quote on my facebook from The Incredibles that says, "They keep creating ways to celebrate mediocrity." I'm glad we are celebrating exceptional marriages and instead of our former mediocre ones. Love ya!