Thursday, July 2, 2009

hodge-podge post

Much better background
Much better weather
Much better attitude

Me likey. ;)

7 years this past Monday, I said "forever" to Daniel. Monday night Daniel and I were hopping out of our car to look at the tarantulas "migrating" across the road we were scenic driving on. Yes, tarantulas. They belong in zoos. Not a few miles from my house. I'm convinced they don't like humans and therefore will not enter the city limits of Big Lake. Others have tried to blow that theory..but I'm still a believer. For now. Oh, we also saw millipedes. As in plural. Plural millipedes and plural tarantulas.

I told Daniel that's why we could never be missionaries. We find way too much entertainment in simple local things. We'd play tourist long before we could be missionaries. jk

Tara, I really needed and enjoyed our conversation the other day!! There were no visible black marker remnants So apparently, Chaz is safe for 1/2 hour with a black marker and no supervision. ;)

Thanks to all who've lifted us up lately! Keep on! We have "Mission Big Lake" in a week, then immediately is Youth Camp. The youth are serving at the Midland Soup Kitchen the Tuesday after that...and if I can stand not seeing my kids for another day or two, Daniel and I might take a two day "vacation" to New Mexico. We'll see. This will be a LONG time to go without my kiddos. (who drive me crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.)

We are praying about a goal of personally putting an easy-to-read-and-understand Bible in each of our youth's hands this fall. And possibly one for each family of the youth who don't have one. Not just to pass them out on a Wednesday Night, but to go to their house and hand them a nice Bible they can understand and pray for them afterward. And to also do lesson series about the's history, use, significance. I think God's Word is powerful. And that it's severely under-estimated by many. We want to use that to God's advantage.

So, a little of this and that.
Hope all is well for you and yours.


Sarah said...

I LOVE YOU! I'll be praying for you. We have been giving "One Minute Bibles" to our youth. And they really like it. They come up to us and ask us to order more for their friends! SO that's kind of cool. But we should do your idea about actually visiting their families as well. Sorry we couldn't make it to Chaz's party. I hated that we couldn't come. If you guys are ever in Ennis, let us know! I believe that I will send you one of our novel FB messages that we send eachother soon. Got lots to tell you and lots I want to know from you!

Also...yall should see about going to New Mexico or South Colorado next summer for youth same week we go! How fun would that be!?

Party of Five said...

I loved our conversation, too! I'm continually amazed by how God uses our experiences, (even if they seem completely unrelated), for us to relate to each other. He's been moving in our lives SO MUCH the last few weeks and it's exciting! I haven't seen Him move like this...maybe ever?! I know it's just that I'm more aware of it and He's always been right here, but DANG, this is neat! i love you and I miss you TONS!!!

P.S. Please tell your mom to let us kidnap Chaz a couple times...we signed him up for free bowling with us at the alley here in town and Rhiya and GraceAnne want to play with him. (Especially GraceAnne! :) ) I promise to feed him some veggies while he's here ;)