Thursday, September 17, 2009

Keep the change

Ways I know I'm not the same Mary:

-I can eat double-stuffed oreos and not feel too guilty.
Why is this significant? Well, I used to be VERY degrading about myself and appearance. But, due to changes in circumstances and my heart, it's ok that I don't look like I'm 22. I haven't been 22 in almost 7 years. TV shows have changed, my high school has changed, singers famous then aren't any more. It's ok that my body has changed. I want to be healthy...and obsessing about my weight or appearance is just as unhealthy as eating 2 Big Macs. (which I can't do without exploding, but wouldn't it be great?!?)

-I can have terrible youth ministry nights 2 WEEKS IN A ROW and still love junior highers
Again, I think this is due to heart change. I don't care as much about what others think of me...therefore, if a junior higher talks the whole time during a lesson instead of listening...I don't immediately think I'm boring or a bad teacher. I think #1: they are junior highers. enough said. #2 They have an enemy who doesn't want them to hear truth who is at work. #3: Even if I wasn't in my prime that night, there's always next week, right? Also, my love for students has less to do with my love for them and more about my love for God

-I'm going to put a "Reagan County Owls" sticker on our car
Seemingly insignificant, I know. But have you ever seen any sort of school supportive sticker on either of our cars? We lived in Arlington 3 years, and granted there were a billion different schools to support, but we never did for any of them. (most of our kids went to the same 1 school, minus Jenni, Kristin and Trey) So, I think this is a sign of putting down my roots. It's hard for those tender shoots to break through hard's going to take time...but it's time to start.

And so...I'm glad. I'm glad I can see ways I grow and change, even if it's little.

To end this random post, i want to share something hilarious..I mean, offensive, with you: Answer Me Jesus


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I liked this post!

Sarah said...

I believe you should update!