Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Perfect Family

One day, I will have 3 children who call me Mommy, yet were born to another woman.

"The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege is not lost on me." ~Jody Landers

They will come into our home because they did not have one.  They need a mother because theirs was unable or unwilling to mother them.  They need a father because their father was unable or unwilling to father them.  Most people would look at their (biological) mother and father and call them broken, and that is being polite; I'm sure they've been called worse.  And though Daniel and I are both willing, able and longing to be their parents (and will be a much healthier and safer family for them)...the truth is...we're broken too.

There is this myth of a perfect family.  The perfect way to look, the perfect way to behave, the perfect activities for the children to be involved in, the perfect marriage...and if you're Christians...then the perfect ministry and walk.

We don't homeschool because we think we are perfect.
We don't adopt because we think we are perfect.

I am very well aware of just how broken and messed up Daniel is; and he can say the same of me.  But praise God; we know Someone who IS perfect.  And that Someone lives in me, because I am dead and I have to die every. day.
to let Him live through me.
And that's how and why we homeschool.  That's how and why we can adopt.  We aren't anyone special or better, we're just willing.  Willing to question broken systems and ask God what He would do about it if He were flesh-and-blood-here.  And He is here.  In me.  So I must do those things, with my flesh-and-blood, because it's really Him doing these things.  In me.  In spite of me sometimes even.  My impatience, my selfishness, my fearfulness.  He is restoring and making things whole again; and I am part of that reconciliation!  I am a part of making things whole and right again; including families- His will be done on earth just like it is done in heaven.  His kingdom is here and is coming, what an awesome mystery!  How can seven people with very different DNA, eye color and maybe even skin color become a family?  God's already done that through His Church (and church)...and He's doing it my family too.

But what happens...
 When He takes 2 broken people  
and then they raise 5 very different and broken children 
and they spend all day together for 18+ years....
It. Just. Sounds. Like. 1. Big. Mess.

But isn't that just like God??  (I am literally smiling as I type this!!)  I love it!!  Who am I that God would throw this at?!?  Who am I that He would give me 5 children and say, "Love them, unconditionally and fiercely.  Love them though they are broken and love them through their healing to their wholeness.  Lead them to holiness.  Train them, because if you don't, someone else will...and they won't train them in My ways nor for My Kingdom."  
Who am I?  I'm broken...I'm impatient, selfish and fearful.  
Far from perfect.  But clinging closely to the Perfect One.  

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