Monday, July 21, 2008

Interview on Thursday

Well, we turned down a church that was interested in us in Idaho this past Saturday. We really had a peace that this was the right thing to do, but after we made the call and shared the news with them...I got kind of scared. I know, know, know, that this church job wasn't the best thing for our family. But I'm nervous that no other church will want us. (I know that's's just a fear.) We have never turned down a church job before, we've gotten turned down, but we've never done the "dumping." Seriously, it feels like you're breaking up with a date. ;)
However, we do have an interview with a Methodist church in Tyler (Lanes Chapel United Methodist Church) on Thursday, so prayers are much appreciated! This is a completely different denomination and there are many other factors riding on this decision. (that is, if they like us and want to keep interviewing us!) We really want the next place we work the be the last place we work. We have two children, and I really want to give them a stable environment, especially as Chaz will be starting school in 2 years. (OH MY GOSH...Chaz will start school in 2 years...yikes.) And we want a healthy church that's not dying but is not "perfect", because we want to commit to a church family through the good and bad times. Often we run away when the going gets tough.
There are also other churches that have emailed back with a reply of being interested in us, but because it's in a church, and the committees have to meet before things can happen, this may all take awhile. If you attend church, you know how hard it is to get things done sometimes with committees and all.

In other exciting news, we get to see some old friends from Tyler this week, and then Stapleton family/friends at Colin's birthday party, and then we stay with Jared and Sally for a few days of visiting, and then back to the parents house. A very busy and exciting week coming up!!!


Taylor said...

Yea!!! You have a blog! :) This makes me very happy! I will pray for Thursday and that God would give you that neon flashing sign that I too have been asking Him for.

sestapleton said...

My Mary!! You got a blog! This makes me happy too! I think Tyler is a WAY better idea than Idaho. I literally cried when I found out you were considering that. I was so glad that we got to spend a little time together at the wedding. I want MORE though! It's just not enough.

JenniD said...

YAY for a blog! And I didn't know y'all were coming this weekend! Hooray for that, too!! I love you!