Monday, June 14, 2010

Sick, Super Summer and Special 5 Year Old!!

I'm pretty sure that I lost 5lbs today just by blowing my nose. (jk)
I am whiny and sick!!! I am home alone all week with a low fever and 2 who's feeling just fine and another who's a little under the weather with me. Daniel is at Super Summer this week with our leadership kids. I pray that it will be a great time for him and these kids. Daniel really needs a time of refreshment, in lots of ways, and I pray that this week will be that time for him. Our "leaders"....there are lots of requests there....I pray that they will use this time to grow and really, no, REALLY learn what being a TRUE CHRISTIAN leader is all about. Being a leader in your school is different from being a leader in your youth ministry. Being a cheerleader or student council member is VERY different than being a student ministry leader. Jesus' idea of what a leader is; is completely backward from our society today. In Matthew 20:25-27, it says:
But Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them. But among you it will be different. Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must become your slave.
Most youth ministry leaders are in that position because of popularity or because they've been IN that youth ministry the longest or grew up in that church...but that has nothing to do with Jesus' standards for leadership. I like Super Summer, but I wish that we could find a "program" or training that would focus more on important issues to TRAIN students because it's hard to be a leader, and less on playing ridiculously fun games and quirky energetic leaders. (neither of those are bad, but that's what you hear most about when you ask about what Super Summer is) Or maybe that's what kids remember because that's the depth of the impact they allowed God to make that week??? Maybe that's the problem....

On a less ranting trail....My little man turns 5 tomorrow!!! I can NOT believe it!!! 6 years ago, we had just moved to Arlington and were trying to figure out life there, when we *surprise* (sort of) got pregnant!!! I felt like the whole world had turned upside down and everything we'd had planned was about to change! And it did- that sweet boy came 9 months later and my life has been better because of him...and everything that God has taught me through him! From the moment he was born, Chaz has been very social and vocal. He learned to talk well early and had no problem with social interaction!! He was an easy baby who would let anyone hold him and has always loved attention.
Not much has changed! He has never met a stranger, and he loves very easily. Chaz loves to make people laugh and still likes to snuggle with his mommy and daddy! He's learning, since he was in pre-school this year, what it means to be a friend and what kind of friend he needs to be. He talks a LOT about Jesus and what it means for God to come into your heart. He has a lot of questions; many, many questions; some of which I can't even get our teenage students to consider!! :) He is a great big brother....protecting his sister and trying to take care of her when he can. Even if he does pick on her sometimes, no one else is allowed to!! He prays at the drop of a hat, sometimes reminding his parents that instead of worrying we should pray; and remembers special things about the important people in his life, even if he can't remember to always wash his hands after going to the bathroom. When I have gone through so many times in my life of loneliness or sadness, his little boy hugs and kisses have made me feel special and loved. I see Jesus in my son, and I pray someday, when he is ready, Chaz will make that commitment and start an eternal relationship with my Father. I am blessed and honored that God would trust me with someone so amazing, smart, handsome, funny, creative, loving, affectionate and important;
my Chaz.


Tara is: said...

Happy 1 day early birthday, Chazzy! GraceAnne misses you and so do we!

Sarah said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday Chazman! I miss that boy tons. Anytime Colin sees a blonde boy about 4-6 years old, he thinks its Chaz! He will even walk up to them and say, "Hi Chaz! Come to my house?"

That Chazman is a pretty special little boy. Are you going to have a party for him?