Friday, June 11, 2010

A Friday of Firsts and Finales

-First run/walk today! I'm in a little pain now, but it's more soreness in places I guess I'm still healing in! Doctor said I could start training, so I'm assuming since I pay him so well he was being honest!! :) Check out my other blog See Mommy Run and be sure to start commenting soon because VERY soon I'll get to some hard spots (2 weeks?) and I will desperately need your encouragement!

-First day of editing the "This Side of the Wardrobe" or whatever I'm going to call this CoNarnia devotional. This is where I need help!! I'm assuming that even if you don't comment ever, I mean, often...that there are still some of you or all 8 of you lurking out there. I need a trusted, interested friend to read this for me! You can grammatically edit it, or just read it and give me your idea/opinion. Your opinion could be on what I should change, who I should market it to specifically, from a teenagers point of view is it interesting? From a youth worker's point of view, or from a parent of a teenager, is this something someone out there might like/use? Anyway, let me know if you'd be interested in reading my stuff and not copyrighting it for yourself (lol)


-Final day of Vacation Bible School! Yeehaw! Our theme was Lifeway's Saddle Ridge Ranch...and it was actually fun and well done, I think, material wise. Our church did a great job of loving those kids! We had about 57 (?) adults and youth volunteers throughout the week and I don't know how many kids total, but the highest attended day we had 117 kids. We raised over $160 to go towards Operation Christmas Child!! I was the Missions Teacher again this year, and LOVED it! I think I actually prefer to see every grade, versus staying with one age group, throughout the day! It's a lot of work, but I love it! We learned about different kinds of missionaries (Mission Service Corp, Journeyman and Xtreme) from all over the world this week, and I actually learned a lot too. I learned a lot about just being obedient. It's a simple act that has potential to take you on amazing adventures!

-Final day of Youth VBS! As I'm typing, Daniel is relaxing by the pool (aka wrestling with teenage boys) and our two wonderfully exhausted and getting sick children are sleeping...HARD. And I appreciate that. :) Over all, we had about 35 students attend this week. Not a huge number, but that's also not what we were looking for. We actually had a really, really good time having them over every night, eating food, making messes and loving our kids...playing Doctor Dodgeball in our backyard and talking about what Jesus has to do with the real life of an American teenager. Our theme was "I'm A Loser" (which is a D-now material I wrote years ago....yet another material I can re-edit for use and publication!) and we had our best discussion yet to date Thursday night. Our kids (most of them, anyway) are starting to honestly think beyond the "Sunday School Answer" or just telling us what they think we want to hear. We have been praying for them a lot more lately, and that has made us really fall in love with them with the love GOD has for them. Our house will for a short time still show a little of the effects of this week (potato chip crumbs on the floor, needing a mopping from kool-aid spills, etc) but I hope that their hearts, like mine, will never be able to quite go back to how they used to be. Did I mention I love our students???? :)

And in other news....
Daniel leaves for Super Summer on Monday! I will be at home with our two kids all week long!! Whew! I will miss him for so many reasons, lol. I'll also be taking care of a friend's little boy who is 7 and is one of Chaz's friends, for the week as well. (9-noon on most days) Pray for ME (and Chaz and Hannah!) and Daniel and the students that are going: Alyssa, Thomas, Trenton, J. and Timothy.

That was a lot, I know, but thanks guys and hope to hear from you!


karenstacy said...

I would love to read and edit your work! If and when i write my book you can read and edit it too.!

Mary said...

Awww, thanks, Karen!! If you'd message me on Facebook with your email address I will send it over to you at the end of this week! (or what I have finished, anyway) I have it saved on a Mac, so unless you have a Mac, I'll have to change the format...which may affect format, but not content, You just made my day!!! AND, of COURSE I'll read and edit yours too!! I actually enjoy doing things like that, because, well, I'm a nerd. :)

Sarah said...

i wanna read!

Mary said...

Thanks, Sarah!! I'll get an email address on facebook I guess and email it to you! Yay!!!