Friday, November 12, 2010

25 Ways to Say Thank You; Basket Edition

A nice, general way to say thank you is to give a gift! And thus was born the gift basket. :) Here are some gift basket ideas; some you've probably heard of or even gotten, but maybe some are new ideas for you!
Way #6: Breakfast basket; how about some donuts (Mrs. Bairds, gourmet or homemade!), fun or favorite box of cereal, with a cute bowl/spoon! Even some small Sunny D- it doesn't have to be refrigerated!

Way #7: Breakfast basket Dos; loaf of french bread or container of pancake mix (homemade or store bought...go here for an awesome recipe of Cinnamon Pancakes!) REAL maple syrup, and a trial size of coffee!

Way #8: "Dinner's On Me!" Buy a colander (even Dollar Tree has them!) and fill with a jar of spaghetti sauce, fun shaped noodles, loaf of french bread, garlic butter spread (even Wal-Mart has a non-refrigerated kind in their deli/bakery section) and some Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies!

Way #9: (for women) Pampering Kit! Lotion, foot or facial scrubs, fun nail polish colors, eye/sleep mask, bottle of water (crystal light package attached?) and an I-tunes gift card!

Way #10: Gourmet Griller! Bottle of bar-b-q sauce, basting brush (Pampered Chef has a chic one I've been wanting!), different kinds of rubs, grilling utensils, etc

Way #11: It IS basketball season, so why not say "thank you" with a sports theme? You can even shred the sports pages of the newspaper as filler for your basket! Then load it up with all kinds of snacks (pretzels, chips, candy or my new homemade favorite idea; the best of both worlds Rolo Pretzel Bites!) and drinks!

Way #12: Ice Cream basket: Sundae bowls, spoons! (you can even find some that resemble "old fashioned soda fountain" styles) Ice cream scoop, hot fudge, caramel sauce, candy or other toppings, or ice cream cones, etc!

Way #13: I'm just going to call this the "Mary Basket" (though there are many people out there with similar tastes) because this is what I would get myself! A bag of Starbucks (or other brand) coffee beans that you had ground at purchase, a HUGE mug, scones (Starbucks has seasonal pumpkin scones that are De-licious! There's a recipe HERE to try at home!) and maybe even throw in an card for that book have been waiting to get!

Way #14: Dinner's On Me! (Nacho Style) Bag of tortilla chips, can of refried beans, jar of queso (or the makings; velveeta and rotel) can of olives, can of jalepenos, jar of salsa and maybe even a few green onions! You can fill the bottom of your basket with chili-themed towels or oven mits!

Way #15: Use a traveling toiletries case and fill with travel size container of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, kleenex, medicines (tylenol, tums, etc), sewing kit, etc. Throw in some crossword puzzle or Sudoku books for entertainment when traveling! Or use a "slightly used" or refurbished suitcase! This is very generic, and may not seem fun, but who couldn't use this???
You can use ALL kind of things as containers! Dollar Tree always has containers and baskets! Pails, crates, trays, mixing bowls... use your creativity or ask me if you have specific questions or need suggestions!