Tuesday, November 23, 2010

25 Ways to Say Thank You; Finished

Finishing up the 25 ways to say Thank You!

Way #16: Say thank you with a simple or silly gift certificate! You could give a simple gift card for Sonic! Who wouldn't love a free Cherry-Vanilla Dr.Pepper as a pick me up!? All kinds of fast food places have gift cards that are fairly inexpensive! One of our gas stations in town has certificates for their slushies! My son, Chaz, got one for helping the boys win at collecting the most of their food drive, and you would have thought he'd won a million dollars as excited as he'd gotten. And honestly, I'd have been excited to get a slushie too!! :)

Way #17: Gather together a poster board and decorating materials (markers, glitter, etc) Write "Thank You!" in big letters in the middle and decorate around them telling the person what you are thankful for, write the translations for thank you in different languages! Then place the poster board on their windshield or other unusual place where they are sure to find it!

Way #18: Leave a small pack of gum with a note saying, "thank you! you're like a breath of fresh air in my life (our company, ministry, etc)!"

Way #19: A small candles with a note saying, "No one holds a candle to you! Thanks for _______________!"

Way #20: Attach a small note to a root-beer bottle or can saying "Thanks for keeping me/us afloat!"

Way #21: permanent marker: "You've made a lasting and permanent mark on my life! (etc)"

Way #22: A box of toaster pastries: "Thanks for all you do, here's our toast to you!"

(just one more cheesey idea, i promise...)

Way #23: Hershey's Nuggets, gold variety: "Thanks so much- you are worth more than your weight in gold!"

Way #24: Make a personalized cd for the person either of their favorite songs or songs you think will become their new favorites!

Way #25: Just tell them, to their face..."Thank you!" For our impersonal society, this may be difficult, but may be needed more than you know. And to quote Kathleen Kelly, "And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway? Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal."

I hope that your Thanksgiving Holidays are shared with loved ones and may you eat just enough turkey and dressing to get full while you have an over-stuffed with thankfulness heart!!

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