Monday, February 14, 2011

Did you ASK for the big, gaudy, heart-shaped overpriced box of chocolates?!?

So, how was your Valentines Day? Or your S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) if you're in that camp...? I got the flu LAST Sunday morning and had a constant fever all week long, so I'll use that as the excuse for my delirium and almost forgetting today was Valentines Day! I really did- I woke up, got dressed, got ready for the guys to come re-tile our bathroom (YAY for that!) and re-applied myself to the couch. MUCH later after reading some posts on Facebook about who got what, only THEN did I remember...poor Daniel! Our youth ministry hosted a Valentines Banquet last night (which I'll try to post pics soon, they did an amazing job!) and I was sad to miss it, but alas, I still forgot. However, Daniel DID give me my presents earlier in the week. He surprised me with some potted tulips, and he got me the chocolates I asked for.

Now, that probably doesn't sound the most romantic, and you read that right....I asked him to get me some chocolates. Ladies, this is a far cry from the Mary who first married this boy! I expected him to use his romantic mind reading skills and surprise me with exactly what I wanted! I have not lost any of my romance, I just try now to not have unrealistic expectations for Daniel! We usually do not buy gifts for each other for Valentines Day..we just don't, and I'm ok with it...most of the time.

THIS year, however, I really wanted one of those big gaudy heart shaped box of chocolates...yes I did!! You know the kind...the typical red-velvet overpriced heart shaped box of chocolate? Now, I knew I had 2 options: I could NOT tell Daniel, I could drop hints and hints and then be mad if he didn't catch on and get me the chocolates (because we historically don't give Valentines gifts) And if I'd dropped lots of hints and didn't get what I asked for...I hate to admit it, but I'd probably be's happened in the past!!
OR, I could be kind to him and ask him if he would get me an over-sized heart shaped overpriced box of chocolates for Valentines day!

So...along with my requested chocolates, I was surprised with tulips AND he planned a 2 night stay for us in San Antonio this weekend at a really nice hotel!!! Hooray for me!! After almost 9 years of marriage, I swear by communication in a marriage to make it work! He couldn't read my mind when we were dating and the years haven't improved that particular brain function either! We definitely know each other better....which means, I know him well enough to know that if I WANT him to do something, I need to tell the poor boy! :)

What do YOU think??


Tara said...

I got a gardening magazine and a card. I really don't mind if I don't get something, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to get things for everyone else! I was thinking all day yesterday about how we spent last V-day with ya'll! I miss you all!!
Happy Valentine's Day! I'm glad you got your chocolates! :)

-oh...and for the record, I agree. We can't expect them to know what we're thinking. We'd be mad if they did the same to us.

Eugenia said...

I asked Brandon to get me potted Tulips this year instead of the stems that he usually gets me so that I can plant it in the yard later. He would never have known I wanted them unless I told him.