Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Opinion Please!

It's been sooooo longs...had a million things to do and even more things to think about. God has been teaching and showing me so much lately, and I of course want to blog about it, but most of it's one of those things where it'll have be in the "end" that I can write about them. So, my first request is for you to pray for me, please!

Second request, in your opinion is it "wrong" (for lack of a better word) for me as a Christian to attempt to make a profit from materials that I write? Part of me thinks "no" since other people are called to serve in other ways and make a living that way (youth ministers, speakers, worship leaders...etc.) But I really don't know. I know I for one appreciate the free tools and helps I find online. Hmmm.
Praying about this too, but just wondered what you guys think. Any opinion is appreciated, I say this sincerely. :)


Taylor said...

I have been reading through 1 Corinthians and Paul talks about this very thing... the church supporting his ministry financially. Read chapter 9. I find no fault in reaping "financially" what you have sown as long as you are not taking advantage of buyers and overpricing items. :)

Jeff Stapleton said...

For me, this is not a spiritual question, but rather an investment question. Any Faith-based publisher or book store makes money on what they do...even bible publishers.

For me, the question is, "do I want to invest a ton of time and resources into making this a financial movement?"

Your stuff is great, Mary. I know that the quality is there. I have the same struggle with my photography stuff (not a spiritual matter, but investment matter). I know I take good pictures and can be creatively competitive/successful.

The thing is, do I want to spend the time to do the marketing, advertisement, and whatever else to move my photography from a small sometimes money-making hobby to something else. Am I ok with getting a few jobs here and there and using it as extra money...or do I want to invest my whole self into this venture, posting competitive prices on my website and going after big jobs.

I know its a little different situation for you, but this is the direction I'm kind of thinking.

Have you thought about first sending some of your stuff to publishers to see what they think?

Mary said...

Thanks, Taylor! That is so true..hmm...never thought about that context before! Youth Ministers are generally not rich *ahem* (lol) so it would be terribly unfair to overprice truth and gifts that God has given me!

Jeff, ahhhh...this is the other "biggie." You are exactly right, and I have those same questions bouncing in my head a LOT. It takes so much time and effort to pursue this. I know that others have done this, and that it is possible to have a marriage, ministry and published materials, but I just don't know if I have or want to have "what it takes" to do that. It would be nice to financially add to our family's income, I'm just not sure what lengths it would take to do that. And, honestly, I'm scared. I'm scared of being rejected/not good enough, and I'm scared that I'll do well. I'm messed up, I admit it. It's fear, I know, blah, blah, blah. But there it is. :)
Thanks for your opinion and helps! And of course your prayers are coveted as well!

Sarah said...

I say go for it! All they can say is no. And if you end up doing really well and its too overwhelming...YOU can say no and step down. Your stuff IS awesome. I'd buy it.