Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Gifts

3 Gifts Wore:  (Worn?  The wording is interesting...)

-I am thankful for warm socks!  I have about 5 pair of crazy colored, thick, warm, never-wear-out-in-public socks that were gifts from various friends over time.  I am cold-natured (though I love winter!) and wear two pairs of socks when it's cold; so these socks are a treasure to me!

-I am thankful for the black and pink coat that my friend, Ginger, gave to me over 5 years ago that is still in excellent condition and I love!  I've never had anyone gift me a coat before!

-I also am thankful for the robe that was given to me from my mother-in-love that I wear every morning!  I never knew I was a robe person until she gave it to me- imagine, going my whole life (at the time 28 years? I think) not knowing the luxury and amazingness of a robe?!  Hannah will definitely be getting a robe when she gets older!

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