Monday, March 4, 2013

Words or Lies?

The words we preach must always become flesh. Else they aren’t words but lies.
~Ann Voskamp

I'm taking time to let this quote sink in and settle in the cracks of my heart.  

And so, my friends, I will keep on counting...even at the end of a great day; I still need to reflect and see that God is good and only gives good gifts to His children.  Because it is not always so easy....

3 Gifts Hard to Give Thanks For
(the Hard Eucharisteo)

I am thankful for baby "R's" foster parents....(for ALL foster parents!)  They have raised 3 kids of their own, and now give their heart, home and life to "R" until she can be adopted.  Baby "R" has never known a Mommy..has never said the word or cried it out when she was hurt or sad or needing something.  (This friend does not refer to herself as "Mommy" since she knows they will not be adopting her)  My heart breaks for "R" and I pray that one day so very soon she will meet her Mommy.  It breaks that she has to go through this, and that maybe somewhere right now "R"s Mommy is dreaming of her and crying because she knows her life isn't right without the girl she doesn't even know yet.  And through all this, I am thankful for these new friends, the foster parents.

I am thankful for an imperfect church remind me that we are all in need of grace.  And drives me to His Word to search for Truth and restoration for my soul...not to be found in another human being, no matter who they are.

I am thankful for a sick Chaz.  I can't quite bring myself to say I'm thankful for his vomiting...but his being sick means he will stay home tomorrow, and his staying home tomorrow means we will cuddle and read aloud more of The Burgess Animal Book for Children.  And I am thankful for reading/snuggling time with my kids- anytime!!!

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