Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Clucking Bunny Time of Year

3 Gifts in the Kitchen:

-My refrigerator is the temporary showcase  for the artistic endeavors of my children.  This is a gift for several reasons: One, it is a gift that my children are so creative!  Scraps of paper, glue, glitter, pencils and colors come together in an expression of themselves...and always the story that goes with each creation.  (And isn't this true of us as God's creation?) Second: that my children WANT to show me that they love me.  They aren't content with assuming I know, or hoping that I know and am assured of their love- they want to give me some tangible proof in picture and word that I am them.

-A sweet friend knows how much I love fresh produce and just today she brought by 2 heads of cabbage and 2 kinds of potatoes!  What an unexpected surprise by the gift and her thoughts of us.  She didn't have to do it; we are neither in need of food nor unable to get our own...but it sure tastes better when it is a gift!!!

-There is a box of Cadbury eggs in my pantry...way up on the top shelf out of the sight of my children. Not that I would not share, though I don't really want to if I"m honest...but rather that even though they are milk chocolate and lots of sugar (just like other candy) these were a gift from the husband that bought the rosemary...because he knows me.  He knows I LOVE Cadbury cream eggs and that I only get them one time a year, which is why they are even more special!  I am one blessed girl!!!

What is your favorite "Easter" seasonal candy?


Sarah said...

If I came to your house (which I really want to by the way), those Cadbury eggs would be GONE! I love those suckers too! Yum. I'm loving reading your posts. Finding thankfulness in the simplest of things is a wonderful practice. And when you are super thankful for simple daily things, think how much more thankful we can be for the gift of salvation! Love you.

Mary said...

You should definitely come...and soon! And I'll even SHARE my Cadbury eggs with YOU! :)
Yes, the small suddenly become more significant, making His grace even more amazing. "There are burning bushes everywhere." Love you too!