Monday, November 4, 2013

The Slow Club

Are you one of those people who take the time in November to be thankful?  Maybe on your Facebook status or some other social media, like me; you give thanks on purpose.  You are making a point to have an attitude of thanks-giving.  I am finding God in the small moments, the little wonders.  From dipping buttery toast in a sunny side-up egg to the new bunk beds for our adopted kids…there is much to be thankful for.
But we will never notice these things if we are rushing through life, "like bulls in a china shop" (thanks, Voskamp) we can cause so much damage by hurrying.  Our mornings used to be full of rushing; wake up everyone, rush to eat, rush to get dressed, rush out the door, rush to school, rush through the day, rush to do homework, rush to make supper, maybe slow down at supper, then rush through baths to bed.  I'm exhausted just typing that, and we didn't even have our kids in extra activities!!!

The stars seem so small sometimes; but that is all point of view.  Mark Yaconelli has spoken at Youth Ministry conferences for many years now and is known for his revolutionary way of thinking as a Christian.  This is a video of Mark Yaconelli talking about his son's "Slow Club" and all that he learned.  Take 10 minutes to learn too?  (And maybe join The Slow Club?)

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