Friday, November 1, 2013

3 Gifts Eaten

For the first day of November…I am thankful for 3 gifts eaten:

-I am thankful for honey crisp apples!!  They are super sweet and have a great crunch (um…I know, duh) and are my favorite apples.  When you're 32 years old and trying to kick a 32 year old habit of eating pastry sweets every other day…an apple is NOT the same thing as a slice of coffee cake….BUT it's darn good!

-I am thankful for slices of coffee cake!  (Irony, I get it.)  A girl can't live on honey crisps alone!  :)

-I am thankful for these southwestern egg rolls (from Annie's Eats)!!!  They are so easy and delicious!  I've made them like 5 times and the whole family loves them.  I'm making them again tonight when my sister and niece and nephew come visit..yay!

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