Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kiddo Updates


Age: 5 years old

Newest thing: We think he's in the advanced reading class, but we were never told this..he just talks about his "reading teacher" that some kids in his class go to; and she is the advanced reading teacher; so we're guessing here. But, Chaz can read simple sentences and phonetically spell/read words and we worked on a few sight words together last spring/summer; and he really enjoys it! He loves reading to Hannah and loves showing me his books he brings home and reads!

New worries: Hannah is in his Sunday School class now (2-5 yr olds?!? But, he's the only kindergarten age kid in our church.) and though they are on way different learning levels, they enjoy being together a LOT! But....Chaz tries to "take care of Hannah" while they're in class together. Like telling her what to do and what not to do...his teacher talked to me about it and we had a talk about how their teacher will take care of Hannah and he should just enjoy his class time and friends! I know that this could have negative effects for both of them if it doesn't change; but it's also sweet (his teacher mentioned) that Chaz cares for her so much! He isn't just telling her what to do, but he's also trying to take care of her or "protecting her" if he feels another kid isn't nice to her!
Also, we may be talking to the school speech therapist soon. Chaz is very articulate (since he was born, it seems like!) but he still has trouble with his "r"s and "l"s....and it seems like the other kids his age have outgrown that now; but he hasn't. Hmmmm...? I know he's only 5, but I want to be proactive about this if we can- I don't want him to be teased for this if we can help it!

Favorite phrase/quote: Well, he says a lot of funny/cute things, but my favorite is all the random songs he makes up! They're all like "praise songs" gets this very serious look on his face, and starts singing songs that he really made up that make sense and everything! One's called, "I'll Love You Forever and Ever" and in another one (I can't remember what he called it) he even wrote like back up parts for girls to sing and instrumental solos...I'm serious! It's crazy, and sometimes (ok, most of the time) it's hard to keep a straight face, but he is so passionate about this!!


Age: 2 1/2 years old

Newest thing: Potty training!!! All of a sudden, Hannah decided to potty train seriously and now she only wears pull-ups at night! She hasn't had an accident in over a week, has gone in public many times and even with other adults besides Daniel and me! I don't want to jinx it, but she's done so good for about 2 weeks now!! Yay for no more diapers!!!! And leads to...

New Worries: Well, with her new-found independence (along with getting closer to the age of 3) she has decided to start testing her independence in all areas of life lately. She has always been stubborn, and very vocal about it (lol), but EVERYTHING is "I CAN DO IT BY MYSELF!" And sometimes she asks so politely and maturely that I forget that a 2 1/2 year old shouldn't be allowed to do it!

Favorite phrase/quote: "Let's play Cool Kids!" she says to whomever she's playing with (Chaz, our students, our pastor). We're not sure how to play, because it's never consistent, but this is what she says! And "Can you come show me?" means "Can you come see what I want to show you?" She used the potty when we were up at the office last week, and Gerald (our pastor) cheered for her and started singing about some kind of "potty dance" for her in congratulations, and she told him, "Not the potty dance, the NAKEY DANCE!! Do the nakey dance, do the nakey dance!" in the pastors' office, which he thought was HILARIOUS! (BTW, the "nakey dance" is the dance my neice does when she takes her clothes off to bathe or use the restroom...Hannah learned the nakey dance as

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