Saturday, March 2, 2013

3 Gifts Green

-The rosemary plants I need to plant in the yard later today.  Daniel gave them as part of my "I just love you" gift!  My man knows me; my love language and my penchant for fresh rosemary.

-The ivy sitting in plastic cups on my bookshelf; waiting for roots to grow to be planted.  My mom gave me a huge pot of ivy that I want to put around my house, in different rooms.  I like to have a little bit of real life-living creatures (beside the children and mold) inside the house too.  And pets are messier than plants at this point in our life.

-We actually got an income tax return this year!  This is our first year of Daniel being licensed and having to pay taxes/social security differently, and we weren't sure if- a) we'd have to PAY more in the end.   b) come out just even.   Or  c) actually, maybe, hope against hope that we'd get something back.  And we did!!!  We have a fairly large expense coming up soon and we've been saving but have been unsure if we can afford this expense and still take a small vacation (Third World Problems, right?) this summer....and we got back a little more than necessary to cover this cost!!!  Daniel went around for days saying, "Why are we so blessed?  Why does God give us so many good things over and over again?"  And all I could think about was what our friend, Jeff Evans, says:  "You've been blessed to be a blessing!"  And so we have.  And so we will.

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Sarah said...

Love this. And love you!